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Dave Goldenberg learned long ago that there are some things you can’t say—but if you sing them, everyone has a good time. And this has earned the satirical singer-songwriter a following in his part of the world, which is Western Connecticut and the Hudson Valley.

Dave has shared the stage with many regional acts. As an opener, he has helped get the audience warmed up for such comedy greats as Joan Rivers, Robert Klein, Paul Reiser and Judy Gold. He’s also opened for touring singer-songwriters who have a funny bone, such as Jill Sobule, Vance Gilbert and Steve Forbert.

Dave was a long-serving host of the open mic at the famed Towne Crier Café in Beacon, NY, recently voted as best in the Hudson Valley.

Dave’s music videos have been widely viewed, including Goin’ to a Tea Party, which was featured on Huffington Post. He wrote and directed the award-winning Nickelodeon short film La Toiletta, an operetta about (what else?) a fifth-grade boy who has to use the bathroom during a test, but the teacher won’t let him. 

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